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What to Expect from Work in Arizona in 2023 & Beyond

The future of work in Arizona continues to look bright. In May 2022, the United States Census Bureau reported Arizona had five of the 15 fastest-growing cities or towns in the U.S., while Phoenix landed second among cities in terms of numeric growth. More people lead to more job opportunities, particularly in industries including IT and cybersecurity, healthcare and construction and…

4 Tips to Manage Stress in a Job Search

Since most full-time American employees spend at least 40 hours a week at their jobs, work takes up a big portion of our lives.  For many people, looking for a job can be stressful. A job search can put a lot of pressure on someone, but there are ways to manage the stress effectively while…

Tips for Letters of Recommendation for Job Seekers

Letters of recommendation may not be a requirement when you’re applying for jobs, but having some on-hand can help ensure you’re ready to send them. For some positions, offering to provide letters of recommendation could help you stand out as a candidate. Online, recommendations could help increase your visibility among candidates on sites like LinkedIn.…

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