How Pipeline AZ Fosters Equitable Access to Career Development Across Arizona

The year 2023 has seen the most progress toward equitable access to career development in Arizona, driven in part by the many initiatives Pipeline AZ has launched and supported throughout the past year. In honor of National Career Development Month, here’s a look at how Pipeline AZ is building key industry partnerships to provide more career opportunities to graduates and professionals throughout the state of Arizona. 

AZ Healthcare Careers

This year, Pipeline AZ launched AZ Healthcare Careers, a platform for current and aspiring professionals in the healthcare industry. This website provides many resources to healthcare professionals in Arizona, including:

  • Skills mapping technology and a free career assessment
  • Career exploration resources, including robust descriptions of more than 120 healthcare careers, featuring typical job duties, typical education required, average salary and more
  • Arizona healthcare career job bank
  • Arizona healthcare-related news stories and articles
  • Educational resources for healthcare-related jobs

For those who already work in healthcare, and for those who are interested in beginning a career in this in-demand field, AZ Healthcare Careers is a great place to visit for career support. 

AZ Hospitality Careers

Also this year, Pipeline AZ launched AZ Hospitality Careers, in partnership with the Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association. This platform details in-demand hospitality careers in Arizona, complete with job descriptions, average salaries, typical work environments and educational and certification programs that can help professionals in various hospitality positions. 

AZ Hospitality Careers is made possible by key Arizona business partners, including:

Partners like these, plus many others, post open jobs to the AZ Hospitality Careers platform. New jobs are posted every day, so people interested in growing a career in hospitality and tourism have access to plenty of resources for how to do so.

IT/Cyber Career Network

In partnership with the Arizona Technology Council, Pipeline AZ launched the IT/Cyber Career Network last year. Information technology (IT) is one of the fastest-growing career sectors in the state of Arizona. Jobs in IT are also among the highest-paying, and also provide tremendous long-term career growth opportunities.

Visitors to the IT/Cyber Career Network can find:

  • Job descriptions, average salaries, typical education requirements and more for the most in-demand jobs in IT
  • Education and training resources for starting or growing an IT career
  • Scholarship information for IT students
  • Career pathways for specific roles in IT, including infrastructure, artificial intelligence, IT networking, programming, database management, cyber security and various IT specializations
  • News and articles about the IT industry in Arizona
  • Training and coaching resources for IT professionals

There’s also a massive job bank for IT professionals in Arizona. IT companies in the state need talent now, so check out the IT/Cyber Career Network to see how you can enter or grow your career in this in-demand field. 

Arizona Coalition for Career Readiness

One of Pipeline AZ’s most exciting initiatives this year is the participation in and launch of the Arizona Coalition for Career Readiness (ACCR). This organization offers career development opportunities for K-12 students, including custom dashboards where students can organize their career goals, educational options and internship and job opportunities.  

The ACCR’s other founding members include the Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA), Junior Achievement of Arizona (JA), Valley of the Sun United Way, Education Forward Arizona (EFA) and the Arizona Business & Education Coalition (ABEC). The ACCR continues to grow, as additional members are joining the coalition to bring positive changes in career development for Arizona’s students. Current Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs promoted the ACCR in a recent proclamation, stating, “Arizona Coalition for Career Readiness exists to ensure students at all levels have opportunity for career readiness opportunities that are meaningful and relevant.” 

Students, educators and Arizona businesses can join the ACCR to support the next generation of professionals ready to get to work in the state of Arizona. 

Pipeline AZ Looks Forward to Continuing to Support Career Development in 2024 & Beyond

The current Pipeline AZ career readiness initiatives are only the beginning. As the leading organization for supporting new and current Arizona professionals, we’re constantly developing educational and job-related resources and events for Arizona job seekers. We support career development for all, whether you want to advance your career in your current industry, or you want to change careers and pursue something new.

Visit our blog for our latest articles filled with tips for Arizona professionals. Register on Pipeline AZ as a job seeker here, or sign up for an employer account to post jobs and more here

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