8 High-Demand Careers in Arizona That Pay Well

What is one career that is in high demand in Arizona that also pays well?

To help you find a high-demand career in Arizona, we asked local business leaders and business professionals this question for their best advice. From going into real estate to technology-related fields, there are several suggestions that may help guide you to a high-paying career in a booming Arizona industry. 

Here are eight high-demand, lucrative careers in Arizona: 

  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • AI Engineers
  • Realtor
  • Marketing Operations
  • Tech Sales
  • Truck Driver
  • Software Engineer


Similar to roofing and HVAC, general construction work is always in demand in Arizona. Often, you’re able to learn construction skills through on-the-job training, allowing you to improve your knowledge base while earning money. There are several options for anyone wanting to break into the construction industry in Phoenix due to the number of construction companies in the residential and commercial space.

Carey Wilbur, Charter Capital


The healthcare industry has evolved in tandem with the region’s retirement communities to become an important sector. Many retirees spend their golden years in sunny Phoenix, and as they age, access to healthcare becomes more vital. As a result, over the next 10 years, the area is predicted to add 35,650 healthcare and social assistance jobs.

Brian Greenberg, Insurist

AI Engineers

AI (artificial intelligence) Engineers are in high demand in Arizona, with the tech industry booming. AI Engineers develop, test, and train networks of algorithms meant to mimic human behavior. This field is rising in demand as more companies are turning to AI solutions to simplify processes. The average salary of an AI Engineer in Phoenix is $160,279, and there are plenty of opportunities within Arizona and beyond.

Sophia Orlando, Markitors


The Real Estate industry is booming at the moment in Arizona. So many people from California are quickly moving to Arizona for a less expensive lifestyle. Getting into the Real Estate business is a smart move to make good money. The housing market is great and will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

Tamara Mayne, Brooklyn Candle Studio

Marketing Operations

Marketing Operations roles are in demand throughout the entire country and there are 2,300 openings in the state of Arizona. Marketing Ops support organizations by implementing technologies, integrating tools, and managing marketing automation platforms. This technical skill set means salaries are higher than that of an average marketer — though the average marketing operations salary in Arizona is $75,000, the top earners can make well over six figures. The demand for this position continues to grow as technology becomes more crucial in marketing efforts.

Logan Mallory, Motivosity

Tech Sales

One career that is in high demand in Arizona that also pays well is a career in high technology sales. There are many tech companies in Arizona, and they are almost all hiring right now. Starting a career in tech sales is a great career choice, and you will find yourself surrounded by interesting people doing rewarding work. If you love talking to people, sales is the perfect career for you.

Chris Gadek, AdQuick

Truck Driver

Unprecedented increases in online ordering during the pandemic have sent the demand for delivery truck drivers skyrocketing, forcing those trucking companies to hike pay. There are still an enormous amount of truck drivers needed to fill the gaps. The state of Arizona is the sixth largest state by the measure of area, which has a notably well-developed trucking industry, taking into consideration the truck driver demand, and with experience, you can make a lot of money on a trucker’s salary.

Tim O’Brien, The Healthy Place

Software Engineer

One career that is in high demand in Arizona that also pays very well is a software engineer. With many tech companies in Arizona, there is a high demand for software engineers that can help build and transform software companies. Not only are there many startups, but also large companies are hiring as well. It is a great profession and a very high-paying one as well.

Tyler Read, PT Pioneer

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