8 Important Industries in Arizona Worth Exploring

What is one industry in Arizona that is worth exploring from a career or new business perspective?

To help Arizonians, and even people looking to move into Arizona, better understand the job markets and industries to keep an eye on, we asked CEOs and business professionals this question for their best insights. From helping in the educational systems to diving into the expanding solar industry, there are several industries that might be worth considering from a new career perspective. 

Here are eight important industries in Arizona worth exploring: 

  • Assist the Educational System
  • Build Up in the Real Estate Game
  • Start Your Own Small Business
  • Dive into Solar Energy 
  • Investigate Hospitality and Tourism
  • Expand the Technological Transformation
  • Look into Medical Tourism
  • Join the Healthcare Industry 

Assist the Educational System

The educational systems are continually shifting, but I think Arizona can continue to explore the needs of teachers. The landscape of education has completely shifted after this pandemic and teachers have continually navigated this shifting landscape. Figuring out now the best way to adapt, or be prepared for new challenges, in education will help us continue to provide the best education possible for children and help give them the foundation they’ll need to lead successful lives. 

Jeanne Kolpek, Cadence Education

Build Up in the Real Estate Game 

While our family-owned small business is in its second generation, there are always new opportunities in our industry. As luxury home builders, we are committed to utilizing emerging technologies in design and construction to deliver a truly unique, hand-crafted product to our customers. There are multiple facets to our business, from architecture to interior design, but what brings them together is the fact that we get to touch the lives of families in such a lasting, personal way. It’s an exciting field that is built on strong family connections. 

Rod Cullum, Cullum Homes

Start Your Own Small Business 

According to the Arizona Commerce Authority, there are more than 550,000 small businesses in-state. Given this statistic and from a career perspective in the business service track, being able to assist these growing businesses is highly rewarding and worth exploring. Exploring the ways in which you can potentially help someone achieve their dreams in a competitive industry is something that I think people should continue to keep their eye on.

Sundip Patel, LendThrive

Dive into Solar Energy

Arizona’s found itself in an interesting cross-section. With developments in the IT world and new information about solar panel systems especially for home residents, there’s a lot of growth occurring. For those looking at their career path and goals, something worth looking into would most definitely be the developments happening with solar energy. Companies are starting to roll out home installation and even if that kind of work isn’t for you, more and more research also needs to be done and continued so there’s room for a variety of skills. 

Carey Wilbur, Charter Capital

Investigate Hospitality and Tourism

Year-round sunny weather and gorgeous natural scenery help Arizona’s hospitality and tourism industry thrive. In 2019 alone, 46.8 million visitors toured Arizona, many making their way to the state’s most famous landmark, The Grand Canyon. Whether visitors want to cruise around the state in a rental RV or book a stay in a luxury resort, there are many career opportunities to discover throughout the Sunset State.

Randall Smalley II, Cruise America

Expand the Technological Transformation 

Believe it or not, Arizona is booming in the technology sector. We are home to many innovative companies like Axon, Go Daddy, Honeywell, just to name a few. With location costs being way more cost-effective than Silicon Valley, companies enjoy the ability to grow and scale their businesses here in the valley. Our Arizona universities from the North to the South also make it easy for companies to find top tiered talent. I foresee many more great opportunities in Technology to make its way here to Arizona. 

Jenn Christie, Markitors

Look into Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is an exciting and growing field in Arizona due to its proximity to the Mexican Border, and the vast difference in price between medical care in the United States and in Mexico. Business owners in the Medical Tourism space are able to help patients from Arizona get high quality, affordable care in Mexico and abroad. It is deep, fulfilling work to help people get care they would otherwise put off or not be able to afford.

Wesley Jacobs, Apollo Medical Travel

Join the Healthcare Industry 

The Bioscience and Healthcare Industry in Arizona is worth exploring from a new business or career perspective. These are progressing industries for treating patients and operating thorough and groundbreaking research, which are enough to transform the world. Furthermore, Arizona Research Institutions, clinical care, and industries are collaborating in such a unique way to manufacture brand new products. This is how the care facility industry can be broadened and investigated as a possible career opportunity. 

Caroline Lee, CocoSign

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