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What Is MedTech and How Do I Find A Job In It?

The presence of technology is increasing in our world, especially in the world of medical care, where technology is revolutionizing patient care. Short for ‘medical technology’, MedTech is a quickly-growing industry that includes any device used in medical diagnosis or treatment. Arizona is becoming a hub for the exciting new field of MedTech as it is home to multiple manufacturers and technology companies creating both chemical and physical tools to help improve patient care. This is exciting news for job seekers interested in MedTech careers.

What is MedTech?

MedTech is an umbrella term that refers to any technology used in a patient care setting. This broad field includes hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, outpatient care facilities, or physical or chemical therapy settings. MedTech (and closely-related biotech) companies  make devices that are used in- and out-side the human body. The industry includes technology that varies from disposable items, surgical devices and large equipment that mimics biological processes or diagnoses medical problems. The MedTech industry creates new exciting products that bring emerging health solutions directly to the user through on-body/in-body diagnostics, flexible/wearable electronics, hand-held or portable sensors, and devices for rehabilitation and enhanced human performance.

According to a study conducted by Fitch Solutions, the U.S. medical device market is growing at a rate of nearly 5 percent, with the industry being valued at $200 billion by 2023. Growth in the industry is driven by continued medical advances, as well as population growth and the age of baby boomers. 

In short, MedTech is booming. It is a rapidly-growing industry with tremendous opportunity for career growth. 

Jobs in MedTech

Given the breadth of MedTech, there are a large number of careers available in the field. From medical records technicians and secretaries to engineers, MedTech companies in Arizona are hiring.

The types of careers vary heavily. Some positions require a Bachelor’s degree (i.e, clinical data managers), some require a Master’s degree (i.e, computer and information research scientists), some require post-doctorate education (i.e, medical scientists), and some require no secondary education at all (i.e, medical records and health information technicians).

Want to learn more? Pipeline AZ’s industry pages outline various career pathways within an industry and include information about hiring companies and upcoming hiring events for the industry. Pipeline AZ’s MedTech page also includes news from the industry and a list of resources to help you learn more. The industry pages include salary and job information within the industry.

Assessing your interest in MedTech

Although a growing industry offers multiple career opportunities, growth alone isn’t necessarily a reason for someone to enter a field. Pipeline AZ’s interest assessment can help a job seeker identify whether a career in MedTech is right for them. Simply take the assessment and Pipeline AZ’s matching process will help you select the best career pathways available to you. The platform will also match you with in-demand roles within the industries most suited to your skills and interests.

MedTech has such a wide reach; the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding a career that suits both your needs and your background. 

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