Spotlight on: STEM

What’s all the fuss about ‘STEM’ careers? Our nation’s focus on STEM is changing everything from the way kids learn about technology to how top companies hire their employees. 

First, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These four subjects are responsible for a multitude of new and exciting careers, both now and for years to come. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2022, there will be 1 million more STEM jobs in the United States than there was in 2012. So, let’s see how you might fit into these exciting new industries…

What STEM jobs are available and growing?

Software Applications Developers

We’re living in a digital age. Over the last 10 years, more than 3 million software applications, or apps, have been developed. Software Applications Developers are the reason why. 

Projected: 218,500 new jobs by 2022

Computer Systems Analysts

The more we use technology, the more information we have to store. Due to that, there’ll be no shortage of people working behind the scenes as computer systems analysts, ensuring it’s usable, safe and secure. 

Projected: 209,600 new jobs by 2022

Computer User Support Specialists

The rise in computer usage requires support to assistant with technical issues. Computer Support Specialist roles are seeing a dramatic increase. 

Projected: 196,900 new jobs by 2022

Software Systems Developers

With all the computers being used, its software must stay up-to-date. Software Systems Developers do just that and will be in demand more and more every year.

Projected: 134,700 new jobs by 2022

Civil Engineers

Civil Engineers ensure safe and efficient building construction. With all the construction taking place throughout the U.S., China and India, Civil Engineers will be in demand.

Projected: 120,100 new jobs by 2022

Computer Programmers

Computer Programmers speak the language computers understand. As computers continue to intertwine with our lives, the people who speak their language will become more in demand. 

Projected: 118,100 new jobs by 2022

Salespersons for Scientific/Technical Products

Someone has to sell all the electronic and technical products to businesses and consumers alike, which is why technical sales positions will continue to trend up in the coming decade.

Projected: 111,800 new jobs by 2022

Network & Computer Systems Administrators

Every system is in need of an administrator (or in large system’s cases, network administrators) to keep up with all the various updates, malfunctions and security threats. 

Projected: 100,500 new jobs by 2022

Mechanical Engineers

Someone has to invent, build and craft all the new products in the world. Mechanical engineers are the hands that turn ideas into reality. 

Projected: 99,700 new jobs by 2022

Computer & Information Systems Managers

Computer & Information Systems Managers make sure computers are working correctly. Managers make sure everything runs smoothly and fix problems when they arise. 

Projected: 97,100 new jobs by 2022

How to get a job in STEM?

If you’re interested in working in a STEM field, it helps to:

  • Have a relevant degree
  • Employers need employees who can get the job done
  • Create a LinkedIn profile
  • Have a professional online presence 
  • Keep an eye on multiple job boards
  • Keep your options open and your nets cast wide 
  • Get connected with a mentor
  • Create connections within your field

Some STEM jobs require advanced degrees, while others don’t. Certain career paths act as stepping stones onto others — for example, systems managers lead to systems administrators. The most important takeaway is there are millions of opportunities in STEM out there and, in the years ahead, there will only be more! 

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